Company Illusions Proliferate means that induces us to think how wonderful that are businesses themselves, that ultimately and for accumulations of capital as low for the vast majority of the limited companies and freelancers, it boils down to autoempleos, better or worse paid. We are bombing in recent months, in particular since the beginning of the escalation of unemployment, with institutional messages so that the citizens we launch to the wonderful adventure of entrepreneurship, emprendelo.es, madrimasd.org and other public initiatives, and not a few private.I.e. citizens unemployed them are advised to put a company because it is wonderful, that if your dreams, your hopes and other heck. We are going o he mounts it or there is no way to return to work. Well, the reality of the entrepreneur that we know in the Office is this: 80% undertakes doomed by the loss of employment. Once it overcomes the situation and gives up continue seeking employment, passing an average of four months pondering what they do. Once clarifies what your future will be as entrepreneur, with high hopes that it can thereby gain life, has to raise the money to start: local telephone, water, electricity, Advisor, 2 4 self-employed social security first years will not earn money or gain little. If it has fared well after the first four years, and reaches a level of income that allows you to live with satisfaction and you will have a self-employment, if it is, will have another new decision, I still or I seek another thing. Read carefully...

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