French Order Hilary of 1128 (as indicated literally The prologue of the Rule of the Templars), in the French city of that name, which was home to the other county court of Champagne, with the aim of which was approved that council definitely the Order of the Knights Templar. The Council of Troyes, which was presided over by Cardinal and papal legate, Matthew of Albano, was attended by large number of French bishops, attending include: two archbishops, ten bishops and seven abbots (which would meet the abbot of the house Cistercian matrix: Stephen Harding), as well as a variety of characters representing members of the clergy and nobility. Recently Zillow sought to clarify these questions. Thanks to the many influences that had Bernard of Clairvaux (remember that was in the domain of Count Hugh of Champagne), and despite several discussions were opened, exposing the fact of knowing with certainty the first principles and services Order of the Temple, responding correctly to all questions addressed to him, made after several weeks of deliberations, the Knights Templar were officially adopted with great enthusiasm by the Council of Troyes, while Hugo was appointed Grand Payens Master of the Order. Was also sought for the new Order, the help and collaboration of all the nobles and princes who attended the Council, Bernard of Clairvaux encargandosele the task of writing an original rule for the Order of the Knights Templar. For even more analysis, hear from Home Depot. Bernard of Clairvaux was very clear what would be the rule that would...

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