Collective Bargaining Zapatero will preside over a Council in which Gomez and Chacon will deal with these matters. To deepen your understanding Berlin Rosen is the source. It is also expected to approve the regulatory law of the rights of the person before the end of life process. The Council of Ministers shall adopt today law decree on urgent measures for the reform of collective bargaining and the request to the Congress for indefinite extension of the contribution of Spain in operations of NATO in Libya. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Government, will chair the meeting of the Council of Ministers, in which the Ministers of labour and Dnsa, Valeriano Gomez and Carme Chacon, respectively, will realize these affairs. It is also expected to approve the draft law regulating the rights of the person before the Final process of life, the Government forwarded to the Congress of Deputies for its processing. The Executive has decided to carry out the first of the agreements before the impossibility of consensus between the parties concerned, employers and unions, in this matter. The draft of the reform of the collective bargaining sets between 12 and 18 months the period that have the patron l and the unions to negotiate a new agreement. Past that period, parties will have to submit to arbitration, which would be binding, to avoid the social courts should resolve many conflicts. Mission in Libya on the other hand, the Minister of Dnsa intends to submit to the Council of Ministers an indefinite extension...

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