Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel Cologne graphic designer screen design developed and designed website for Conetics managed services. Cologne, February 26, 2010. The Cologne communication designer Moritz Dunkel, also see dark like Hell' known, gives a new look for IT services Conetics AG with its new design concept and a suitable web design company. When designing the website, value was placed on a modern and attractive design. The result can be seen: the appearance is clear, user-friendly and visually appealing. The Conetics IT services belongs to the Conetics AG and offers the implementation and operation of parts or the entire infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises. "A clear and aesthetic design that creates tension and radiates attractive, meets here on functionality and usability. Further details can be found at Vanguard, an internet resource. The site illustrates the ease of use of services the Conetics IT services. This was especially important to us", explains the free art director. The screen design of our Web site distinguished by a user-friendly navigation and clear structure. The new website presents dynamic and contemporary"the new Division of our company, added Michael Wadsworth, Managing Director of the Conetics AG. Contact: dark as bright visual communication contact: Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel 18 D-50933 Koln phone: 0221/912733-24 mobile: 0177/6113249 E-Mail: Internet: about dark as hell': the free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel from Cologne offers under the name dark like hell' twelve years of experience in Visual communication, from the design of image processing to the delivery of print data to the printer. Core competences are the areas of...

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