Maximizing: Not A Promise But A Fact GeMax - Coster & Schmidt GmbH - an idea is to succeed the name GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants stands for what we are: A network of success-oriented hoteliers and restaurateurs, who join together to benefit from the concentrated expert know-how and together through exchange of experience and effective planning to minimize expenditure and to generate enormous sales growth. Our name is the result of actual references and results of the last few years. Recently Evan Metropoulos sought to clarify these questions. The GeMax network realized so far more than 10,000 positive monthly and annual results. How is this possible? Our system is not fixed and immutable, on the contrary, it thrives on experience, testing, Exchange, training and individual tailor-made applicability. Origin: Two men, two own, but different establishments, much experience in the field of management, the gastronomy, the seminar being and the advice and a vision: the pooling of dedicated individual operators from the Hotels and catering, to develop together successful solutions and to be competitors always two steps ahead. The objective: Long-term strategic profit maximization by owner-run partner companies, which do not rely on marketing concepts, organizational AIDS, controlling systems and a Fort education as successful branch and franchise establishments do. The result: A functioning network of today about 380 success-oriented hotels and catering businesses in Germany and Austria and rising. Robert Tom Coester and Ralf Schmidt, who betrayed the equal partner of GeMax network, who rather see themselves as entrepreneurs in the background, and Managing Director,...

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