Microsoft Outlook Allview announces the performance of the phone business Q2 cloud. The qwerty - keyboard, synchronization, hotspot, Fotokammera 3.2 MP, Wi - Fi connection and over 3 G are HSDPA only some features of the new model, which is characterised by the diversity of useful for the professional life and leisure applications functions. Q2 cloud with our design, which has interactive menus with very attractive graphics and the piano-grey and black colours of the metal housing give it a special and modern award. Q2 cloud with automatic synchronization which enables synchronization of agenda, calendar, and tasks on the phone with a sync server of cable connected to the computer or Bluetooth, is intended. In addition, the phone facilitates the transfer of activities in your Microsoft Outlook calendar of partners and reduces the time required to establish a meeting. The model distinguishes itself for the connection and establishes the Internet connection with Wi-Fi and 3 G with Transfer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and the hotspot function ready, this Q2 cloud 3 G Internet router and allows concurrent access to the network by 8 users. The 3 G connection can make video calls. The push & go function, which opens immediately social websites, YouTube, calendar and pre-decided applications, allows quick and easy use of the phone. The multitasking phone Q2 cloud can run multiple applications at the same time. The phone has three default applications in the menu: AplyStore, news, and stunnel. MasterClass takes a slightly different approach. Therefore, the free Java applications can be downloaded,...

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