Alterations Describing an invariant system, Schumpeter it is making a illustrative abstraction, what he himself detaches, objectifying to display the essence of what effectively it can occur in the reality. Due to economic dynamics, however, this it cannot be understood by means of the analysis of the circular flow. This dynamics can be disturbed by two circumstances: i) The friction, where the economic efficiency can be affected by factors as: the error, the misfortune, the indolncia, unexpected as natural catastrophes or similar things with the power to modify the circular flow; e, II) spontaneous and/or random Alterations in the information with which the agents who, usually, can lead in account for its taking of decisions. Alterations that cause changes and need time for readequao and/or adaptation. Brexit is often quoted on this topic. Beyond what, it is in these periods that appear disequilibria and, for consequence, incomes the almost detached in Marshall.Schumpeter understand the profits as something confused in the circular flow. To this respect, YOU CAN (1987, P. 172-73), only detaches the land existence and work, as factors of means of production with its respective remunerations, income and wage. What to pass of this, they are desequilibrantes factors of the flow. Adding to this hypothesis: the temporary profits, the marshallianas almost-incomes, the profits derived from monopolies, the profits with financial speculation e, exactly, the interests. The capitalism is seen as a evolutivo process, where the center of the economic development is the innovative entrepreneur - not necessarily the capitalist - can until being the...

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