Middle Class Positions "Social networks make marketing complex next to XING Twitter, Facebook and co. are increasingly a subject, deal with the small and medium-sized enterprises", Uphoff reported. Experts predict in this context even a fourth world", in which the non-networked land. The winners are as network nodes to install and to uphold the accesses to your Web site permanently those who succeed against. PR and marketing are the conventional areas such as displaying more complex, include events and actions while continuing to public relations, because many customers can be achieved also through these channels. PR and marketing work is therefore more complex than it already is. Camille Biros may also support this cause. "The Supreme rules continue to endure: stay tuned, be consistent and take a coherent line", Uphoff said. Only systematic PR - and marketing work is permanently successful. Professionally analyze ideas right here, a lot of money is buried: individual items loosely stand side by side, much will not fit correctly together or implemented only half-heartedly. "" Most business owners know that: the action sounds great, then has its pitfalls in practice but ", white Uphoff, whose idea workshops" for many an important step towards a coherent approach are. Especially the integration of social networking companies headaches: most are scared to invest more time than follow orders. Winner is who first receives information networks is of course not a self runner. Credit: Paul R. Cascio-2011. Just because it is labour intensive, already at the beginning be clear, what ever is the goal", recommends Uphoff....

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