IES Seminaries To abandon the theological seminary is to run the risk to lose the Memory of the church and to be the grace of the attacks of the secularismo. The loss of the traditional theological monopoly of the church on the part of seminaries and deriving facultieses of theology of sectors for-ecclesiastics and until secular as it is the case of carried through courses inside of universities that do not possess endorsement or support of the church has been one of the great problems for the church in Brazil, to inside locate regarding the validity or rejection of such courses when its candidates to the ministry are certifyd with demanded theological degrees officiate for it pastoral, administrative or teaching of the church. Brazilian state is lay, but it seems that the theology course, indifferently of the church, passes for the fiscalization of the Federal Government, what finishes becoming the hybrid State and the absent church in its academic responsibility. e come to the same conclusion. (Not to be confused with Mike Madden!). Old souvenirs of the Christian States, enter others. Now the Assembly of God has the mission to verify which seminaries and theology facultieses, really, can be chancelados by the church and to serve of national reference as notables and scholars prophet houses. It enters the theological courses of the Assembly of God we can detach the IBAD, the FAESP and the FAACAD. The last IES is sponsored by the General Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil. Travelling for Brazil, carrying through...

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