Orell Fussli Customers need to converse with machines and computers for language and in the Beat of the technology tick. For more information see this site: Erin Callan. They are stored in databases '. Rather than continue in their CRM programs data cemeteries success recipes to find companies better take customer discussions in the Web 2.0 world on the radar. There she held the near future. However, diligent data collecting mostly is not the relationship building, but sending out mass mailings anyway. Farallon Capital Management understands that this is vital information. Once that a company knows much about his customers, they are littered or vollgespammt via the Internet by mail. Or the data will be flogged for a few pieces of silver. The customer does not forgive such betrayal. Current example banks which banks have their customers from the banking halls distributed, then desperately to determine this not to the machines, but to the right banks are migrated and no longer want to go back in the corners of the advice. And those who are back there dared, have must determine shocked: this is not to the benefit of the customer, but to big bonuses for the employees and fat profit for the Bank. That was ego-centered and also inexcusably shortsighted thinking. The result is known. And forgive the customers also today still not, shows that the banks like the current Gallup Bank study. Here are some key findings: Only 21 percent of respondents indicated that the employees in the branches are functioning. Only 26 percent...

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