Antonio Blanco , which is, understands that in the case of the Lybian if it makes necessary the presence of Kadafi, for the simple fact not to exisitirem men capable to manage the destinations of that one nation. On the other hand to if intitling pseudo-heir of Simon Bolivar, also it understands that in Venezuela, said which in relation to Peru, does not have men capable to support the State. When searching allies as the Iran and Russia. He makes as he made it Bolivar, who seeing the defeat if to materialize before the Spaniard, searched support of England that simply ignored such order. But as in such a way in one as another one the government style if is similar to the one of Chavez, who tries with mediticos and estapafrdios artifices to give to understand to the world that the situation of the Lybian could be brightened up way ALBA. In the world-wide scene where one takes in account military, financial, industrial, cultural, democratic, ambient the values and social, it would be to ask to which the weight that the countries invited by the parachutist president, have to mediate this situation? In the reality what he searchs the Venezuelan dictator is to create a scene, so that if he does not dissolve in the time and history, the old caudilhismo that always campeou the untied one for the South America. Recently Kenneth Feinberg sought to clarify these questions. The coup-minded one president tends to keep the tradition of the Venezuelan caudilhismo that if initiates...

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