Aesthetics Open Fireplace Safety of public and private fireplaces Under the rules of fire safety, outdoor fireplace must be equipped with a protective shield to prevent fire in the premises of shooting sparks and burning rate of wood. At the same time, the shield must not impede the flow of air into the fireplace. In a shallow open fires or large zaruzke wood fire can break out beyond the firebox, damaging the lining. Closed fireplace inserts provide an opportunity to observe the flame and do not be afraid of the dangers associated with the presence of live fire. Fireproof door with heat-resistant ceramic glass to protect from flames and sparks, smoke and falling out of burning firewood, ash and coal. -300-million-in-financing-to-support-growth-and-continued-innovation-300470991.html'>Peter Thiel. The air supply to the furnace and outdoor burning in the open fireplace firebox is in free access of air. For smoke-free operation of open hearth, need to ensure sufficient supply of combustion air. Tightly close the windows and sealed the premises impede the flow of air into the fireplace. Adjust thrust and intensity of burning in open fires can be sliding damper (dampers). Most of the warm air from the open fire again goes into the furnace to maintain the combustion process, leading to significant heat loss. Closed fireplace inserts prevent the temporal smoke room with short-term reversal of thrust. The function of the secondary incinerator furnace increases the heat transfer from a closed fire, reduces CO content in flue gases. Adjust the intensity of burning wood and can leverage air supply to the...

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