Public Security Investment Expense X Investment in Public Security. For Silva* Joo Article originally published by the Objective Periodical in Focus, ed. 14 (November of 2009). The Public Security guard is one public politics. Thus being, it does not have as if to correlate unreliability, crime and violence the same the platform of the public security, therefore in a democratic state of right it does not have as if to visualize public politics of crime or violence that would be consequence of the unreliability. Then, violence and crime could be confused with unreliability, that would be, in the truth, the security lack, being such acceptable understanding only to the common sense. The violence, or better, the scaling of the violence is reflected, indicating of the unreliability; not synonymous of Security. The reflection that I suggest, takes as landmark the academic production that argues the subject, agreed with the treatment that the subject of the security receives from the Government of the State of Rio De Janeiro, in special, in Region Metropolitan. It is consensus between academics, studious of the Security and the violence/crime, the fact of that the politics of the confrontation is not efficient; it cannot be established as propeller spring of the security politics; she is onerous financier and socially; causer of irreparable damages to the professionals of the security; generating of the discredit of the police institutions; beyond lethal (vitimando innocent), when decreeing and validating, the penalty of death not institutionalized constitutionally in our country. These scholars comungam the thesis of that the social...

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