Enfant Terrible The generosity of Squid with money of the contributor already benefited Moambique, Cuba, Bolivia, Green Handle, Gabon, Nicaragua and until Nigria. The US$ 10 billion for the 36 Rafale huntings, of France, are part of this package of goodness. For other US$ 10 billion, India will buy 126 Rafale huntings? (). the worse one of this scene it is that the moral situation of Brazil tends to get worse each time more. I explain. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mike Madden. Who guided the president of Bolivia to insurgir itself against Petrobra's, in the case of the natural gas of oil, was president Chavez. Who instigated the president Paraguayan bishop to contest the energy politics of Itaipu, was president Chavez. E then president Lula, died and dies of loves for this type of person and its totalitarian politics. A small detail calls the attention. If the debt of R$ 1.1 billion that pardoned, for countries where comprovadamente the corruption is native and deneaticamente present in the genes of all the agent chief executives, were destined to pardon you divide them of the Brazilian students next to CEF or to pardon in part you divide of them of who acquired financed property, probably it would have better acceptance and application? Or still, it was applied in the construction of hospitals and schools? Brazilian we not yet wake up for a tool rack that already became gift at other times now and recently the media the International detached: The use of the...

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