Civil Procedure Code For arbitration in matters of transport in 1988, the Dutch maritime lawyers and a group of persons common interests in the areas of shipping, transportation and international trade, was founded by "The foundation of the transport and maritime arbitration Rotterdam-Amsterdam (TAMARA). During the existence of TAMARA well established, especially in the Dutch naval circles, and is now well known as an alternative to settling disputes through arbitration. Spores, which are generally considered TAMARA - this dispute concerning the Shipbuilding (yachts, cargo ships, oil platforms), finance and insurance, freight, cargo claims, Port and agency services, Goods and services broker in chartering ships and other modes of transportation. For arbitration by TAMARA is increasingly becoming an alternative to traditional litigation and the London arbitration. Arbitration by TAMARA offers dispute resolution, by at least the same quality as traditional litigation or arbitration of London, but in a much shorter time and much cheaper. In 2001, the rules TAMARA have been modified to improve its services. They provide a rigorous and sophisticated process, which provides greater speed and efficiency. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daniel J. Hirsch. Increasingly, in contract include the following: 1. "Any dispute arising out of and over this agreement will be submitted to arbitration in Rotterdam in accordance with the rules of arbitration TAMARA. More information about arbitration TAMARA You can visit TAMARA. Legislation on Arbitration in the Netherlands - Netherlands Summary Dutch Arbitration Act 1. Dutch Arbitration Act for arbitration law of the Netherlands came into force on 1 December 1986...

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