Strategic Session Progress strategy session is based on the principle of the transition team from point A to point B. First, the team working on the intentions and vision for the future of the company, then the team determines its position relative to desired future and assesses the strategic gaps, and the final stage of the session is to define a set of actions and criteria for achieving the goals. During the session, moderators expose the essence of any techniques of strategic planning and escorted them examples of successful solutions. At the strategy session attended shareholders, key executives and specialists, and consultants. Group size professionals - no more than 10-15 people. The group should include all key personnel, from whom the company depends on the adoption of strategic decisions. If any middle-level managers may soon grow into top managers, it is reasonable to include in the group and - in addition to incentives that might work as a kind of test is the ability to address issues of strategic importance. During the sessions, moderators are conducted: a mini-presentation theoretical principles / approaches to strategic planning, marketing, product lines, evaluating competitors, assessing their own competitive advantage, build strategic alternatives. Role moderator - a coach in the discussion is not so much to offer the company's own estimates and recommendations, and to assist the individual companies themselves consistently through all stages of development strategies and get answers to all questions that are necessary to justify the provisions of the strategy. Many companies have reduce the strategic session of...

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