Jon Gabriel Method Jon Gabriel battled against obesity by many years, testing several different methods of weight loss without good results. Gabriel continued a wide variety of dietary approaches like Atkins and the low-fat diet, consulted specialists and personal trainers, but none of these systems gave results. He was finally able to succeed when he learned of the deep underlying reasons why was having so many difficulties, that began to get results. As soon as Gabriel gave up dieting forever and went to the areas of your life that were a source of mental and emotional stress 225 pounds he lost. Through their studies of Biochemistry, Gabriel learned that body decides how much we weigh based on an internal logic. Gabriel reveals to us that the secret is to work with it instead of fighting against this logic. When your body wants to be thin, weight loss becomes something quite simple. Since your body will make you have less bad cravings and more cravings healthy. Gabriel says that when applying this method, you can become a naturally thin person and consume what it wants. The foundations of the Gabriel forget diets, diet is one of the principles more important Metodo Gabriel Jon gabriel explains that the body interprets as a starvation diet and stored fat to ensure our survival. Also says people who make diets that the body interprets the chronic stress of any kind of the same way that the diet or hunger, i.e. as something that endangers their survival. Jon gabriel introduces the concept that...

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