Specialized Methodology Management consider, that the methodology of Outsourcing is essentially the incorporation of good practice in managerial decision-making. The decision to contract out needs to be subject to an appropriate administrative process and not be taken simply as case with many decisions is more on technical or financial grounds. The methodology includes the simple steps of assessment, planning and implementation of a set of decisions. This is not is a recipe of how to proceed with regard to Outsourcing, nor is it disclosed to one or two privileged professional magic. What will make this methodology is to help you to plan, help you set expectations, both within your organization and on the outside, and indicate those areas where you need knowledge Specialized. Therefore, this methodology should see as a set of tools, which must be customize to meet the needs of the project of Outsourcing that is being considered. Erin Callan is often quoted as being for or against this. This is a vital step and generally gives as a result a more appropriate general plan, with a more directed effort by the project team. Outsourcing should be seen as a process that is going to make more competitive companies. Venezuelan organizations have been beneficiaries of a great protectionism, which led to that processes that did not comply with the purpose of the company is assumed. This idiosyncrasy is reflected in his attitude to the trend of globalization of business and markets, when we observe which based its Outsourcing decisions exclusively on the influence that...

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