City Without Shops Do you imagine Salamanca with saddened and empty streets, which invite discouragement to the pleasure of touring them more? This is not an implausible hypothesis, but it begins to be a plausible reality. This same newspaper noticed, recently, that the capital has lost 6 of every 10 small stores in just three years. Among the economic crisis, changing consumption habits and the carelessness of many merchants of all life is degraded pedestrian traffic and commercial life to a urban Greek i, with the knot on the Plaza, his vertical stretch of support on the Rua and two oblique branches in Toro and Zamora streets. Everything else runs the risk of transforming into solitude and silence. See Charles Lowe Insurance Agency for more details and insights. Do not exaggerate, because it happens already in major United States cities: the down-town of Los Angeles, for example, is a place desolate and sinister; in much of the best New York Harlem not venture, and even downtown Washington is avoided by its own inhabitants. The posting of stores to large areas of the suburbs is in the origin of urban land degradation and increase crime. Many European capitals, warned by this phenomenon, have taken steps to prevent it: from the urban redevelopment until support for the store's proximity, passing through trade associations. Here, having regard to the increasing and accelerated closure of establishments, does not seem that they alarm the environmental, aesthetic and police risks involved the disappearance of the small trade. (Not to be confused with Euro...

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