Federal Constitution The Budgetary Execution fixed stated period of thirty days after the publication of the LOA, for the establishment of the Financial Programming and the Monthly Cronograma of Outlay, limits persistence and per item financial movement being able of them, in the hypothesis of prescription frustration, whose verified collection and bimonthly, and finally, deals with the payments associates the sentences judicial, whose beneficiaries must nominally be identified for the end of observance of the chronological order established by Art. 100, of the Federal Constitution. Some contend that Attorney General shows great expertise in this. 3.3 - Mechanisms To manage Prescriptions and To rationalize the Expenditures (Art.11 the 24) the prescription is divided in two parts. The first one takes care of of the forecast and the collection, trying to guarantee that the prescriptions are trustworth with the forecast of the bimonthly goals of collection. In the second part, it searchs to guarantee that the prescription resignation, in the form of you amnesty, remissions, subsidies, credits presumed, exemptions, etc., if it operates in accord with LDO and LOA and that the fiscal neutrality of its effect is demonstrated, either for the compensation of these effect, when not to be demonstrated neutral, in the proper sphere tax. Primenrca reviews is the source for more interesting facts. The Public charges treated here involve those classified of obligator of continued character, the same ones only can be created will have demonstrated its neutrality of the point of view of the objectives and the goals of tax policy, done exception?...

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