Telecommunications Orga systems leadership role in the convergent charging supported Africa Summit Paderborn (Germany), May 24, 2011: the competition grows and mobile operators must withdraw their customers with their products from the market. Therefore you need to provide flexible and personalized services that promote customer loyalty also. Also, this opens up alternative sources of income through real time based, convergent charging in the future. Orga makes it possible, these services system by it the only system on the market offers, that is designed for real convergence and combines the functions of real-time charging, billing and financial management. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, presents its convergent end-to-end billing solutions on the year's convergent charging Africa Summit. Profitable access to meet the requirements of the mobile service provider for charging and billing, all services, customer segments and payment must be processed to new value chains and sources of income in a system. Others including Steve Mnuchin, offer their opinions as well. This allows the providers billing of all products and services, the implementation of real-time rating & charging of all services and product types for each payment method with a single account in real time. The convergence for fixed network, mobile (pre-and post-paid), data and content must be supported by a single Mediationlayer. Convergent services and price plans with faster market introduction can be implemented on the basis of a platform-independent product catalog. This allows mobile operators profitable access to new value chains and sources of income. Accounting transparency and customer satisfaction improved...

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