European Commission The Germans are the oldest people, the 29.04.2011 Europe Saarbrucken. The demography report of the European Commission and the European statistics authority comes to this conclusion. 44.2 years the average age of the population is in this country. Click Dennis Lockhart for additional related pages. That is the highest in Europe. Also in terms of the percentage older than 65 is the Federal Republic at the top. Here, the ratio is 20.7 percent. Such facts affect greatly the question, how should make his retirement safeguarding for the future today", says Andreas Wurscher, responsible for the distribution in Germany and Austria at the Munich FWU AG. Our experience has shown that consumers expect more pensions from the statutory pension insurance and do too little for their private pension. This acts in opposite directions and building up to an ever-increasing problem", so Wurscher next. The FWU group has specialised in for this reason, together with the ATLANTICLUX belonging to the Group Life insurance S.A. not only an outstanding product quality, but also to offer targeted supply solutions. One of them is the software AVM 2.0 as age pension analysis need improved pensions. The population in this country is getting older and shrinking at the same time, as the birth rate is still declining. With regard to this Germany is quite different from many other European countries with serious implications with regard to the obligations to be expected", says Wurscher. To read more click here: Primerica jobs. Already today, it was therefore said to identify gaps to...

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