The Pro Silver The proponents of the second solution, so contra Silver" argue that copper-nickel at the first sight of silver is almost indistinguishable. Icahn Enterprises: the source for more info. For the collectors, it would not expensive in the future, but maybe even cheaper, if the nominal value would be reduced possibly to 5 euros. And even though copper-nickel has a high material value, so the nominal value of the normal style in uncirculated is guaranteed, because German commemorative coins are official, State payment. The State makes enough profit on rising silver price. In addition imprints in the highest milling quality mirror finish could in silver continue to be marked and sold at a higher price than the face value. The Pro Silver "faction, however, leads in the field, that coins have a timeless value due to their metal content. Many writers such as Primerica term life insurance offer more in-depth analysis. In uncertain times, precious metal coins have as facility and reserve"a special meaning. Silver is the classic coin metal, a myth many collectors will not want to miss. In particular a higher nominal value represents this no risk, since the State, as I said above, that unlimited guarantees. Whoever collects commemorative coins made of silver, gets real precious metal and may benefit from future increases in value. Both arguments have their place, especially from a fiscal perspective. But now the coin collectors will get once the word. The vote is on the Internet at the press service numismatics until March 25, 2011: click here...

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