Economic Models They expressed its satisfaction by the progressive changes that take place in the region, fruit of the ample social movements in favor of justice and in rejection to the economic models and political excluding employees and, who have promoted the inequality and inequidad and that face to us beginnings of the 21st century to a crisis economic global generated in the developed countries. In relation to the global economic crisis, it was emphasized once again the responsibility of the economies of the developed countries and the economic policies followed and promoted by its governments in the origin and depth of this crisis. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Sessions. They remembered that the solutions must be product of an ample and participating discussion and that turns out unacceptable the attempt to impose solutions taken in excluding groups like the G-20, the rest of the international community. It was reiterated disposition to cooperate of shared in common form in the search of solutions, from and for the developing countries, that take into account the treatment special and differentiated that deserves the most vulnerable economies and the impact that on the worked against populations more this crisis has. The necessity of the establishment of a new international economic order was emphasized that sustains in the principles of justice and solidarity, and a deep reconstruction of the present international financial architecture. One take refook with satisfaction the beginning of the projects: Cultural bottom Of the Dawn; Company Grannacional de Energa, Gas and Petroleum and the...

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