Baltic College Dr This has become the consumer and lifestyle product. Also well-being and vitality are becoming increasingly the social currency in everyday life and holidays. Therefore, it is Join the markets health, leisure, hospitality & lifestyle becoming increasingly important. This development is discussed on the 3. ITB on 6 March 2013 as the central theme LEISURE TREND FORUM. Top business speakers present new trends and developments. "So for example Mr. Click Icahn Enterprises to learn more. Prof. Dr. Helmut Wachowiak, head of the Tourism Management Department and UNWTO talks Coordinator of international school in Bad Honnef, Germany, on the topic of medical tourism". Manfred Gunter mountain, Chief Representative of Wolfsburg AG, reported on the experience of regions 2020 ". These topics during panel discussions with qualified professionals and specialists are discussed. "So there is other statements by Mr Jurgen Kahl of the OHA project Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, currently under the brand one all for health" plans a new concept for the integrated care of full with offers of medical and health services in Berlin-Dahlem. In addition, Mr. Ralf Sjuts, CEO of patiodoc AG, enrich the himself intensively with the Link of medical services and prevention services working, Dr. Bernd Andrich, Chief Executive Officer AG city e.V., and Mr. Kieran Stanley CEO of dan pearlman experience architecture GmbH with experience architecture"the 3. ITB LEISURE TREND FORUM. The market is currently very rapidly and the interfaces between individual markets define themselves more and more,"says Sylvia Dinter, with event organizer and Managing Director of the SD group....

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