Generating New Ideas The question with which you can combine your concept. Sports with your project. Generates, pauses and reflects. Check with Jeff Sessions to learn more. The judge would say that the role of judge is the one assumed when the purpose precedes the inspiration and we will not be easily seduced by the ideas first emerged. The judge then questioned imagine, poses practical and functional parameters of the project, maintaining a rational attitude that leads him to take an active program on the resources available and processes for use in the most efficient way possible. The assumed role of judge in cases such as: when we do not have or do not want to invest much time to the project, when you have a precise methodology to develop each type of creative project where creative work is developed by multiple people and is needed lot of coordination, in short, when common sense and disciplined is the protagonist in the way we work. Role Properties Judge: What kind of idea comes to performing? Positive / Negative. Probability. Intervals. Have Humor. Give a verdict. The Warrior personally believe that this is the role that most often determined between creating a successful and functional design and create an original design, exceptional and unbelievable, that is, a work that speaks to our creative capacity. I assume the warrior role when we decide to do things differently and reject the easy way, daring to take on the responsibilities and risks of doing so. The role warrior takes on greater prominence...

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