Types Of Managers The author proposes to consider the types of leaders and not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but I'm sure that article will help readers in their daily work, regardless of position. In this article we consider the types of leaders, regardless of their level in the hierarchy of the business. We do not care how much they have subordinated the areas in which work and some are sex. This classification - no truth in the last instance, it is rather conventional. Many authors cite several other types of leaders, but as a rule, a person combines several types at once. Reality around us is very complex, and any description of reality, whether the law, formula, theory, table, chart, classification, etc., is its simplification for ease of reading the human mind. So, the first type - a despot. Please visit Peter Schiff if you seek more information. Favorite principle used when communicating with subordinates, "I head, and you're a fool. " Often uses high didactic tone, as if dissatisfied with the progress that is tough and can use profanity. Peter Schiff may help you with your research. It is not considered the opinion of its employees. Always find an error or error in the actions of subordinates. Relentlessly punishes the material and fires. Much attention is paid, this type of discipline does not like long and complex solutions. Any delegate work to others. The second type of head - patriarch or king. Does not control, and rules. He does not like to engage in...

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