September Class In these days of October 2008, from our settlement on the west bank of the Rio de La Plata, and almost 62 years back, one is mumbling, this event symbolically, is marking a turning point, with the financial turmoil Wall Street. a And as, in moments of shock, the restless spirits begin to focus its considerations and consistent views on this traumatic present. And as Emerson said, "We can only see out what is inside." And each of those who are rooted to their opinion and they do naturally from their respective worldviews and their arsenal of knowledge relevant. a Once again will the positions of the "monetarist" and structuralists. Of those who give more emphasis to the "technicals" that the "fundamentals." And poles viceregal.La list is extensive. a is also subject to debate whether this is worse than the crisis of 30 (which is the same as you crack the 29). Hear other arguments on the topic with Primerica. A to Y at this point, and from geographical-temporal position above, one (in this case the present writer) knows that soon the subject of the Treaty hover Roca - Runciman, the intervention of Otto Niemeyer expert in creating the Central Bank, and other measures pseudo-constitutional government Augustine P. Just adopted to try to give an answer to the crisis of 30. a for analysis prior to all this trauma present, an impression which then brings the ruling class, who had retained their positions of real power, however the emergence of Irigoyen, who had managed...

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