Describe Resume plays a vital role in finding a job and is the main tool that potential employers will use to evaluate your qualifications. On the one hand, you need to emphasize the scope of your experience. On the other hand, do not look old. Your resume must convince a potential employer to invite you for an interview, but not cut to the merit and reward your gold watch. Change CV format 'Look how much I did' format 'look what I can do for your company. " Take the time and effort to fit the resume for each specific job, considering the features of the new work in the context of your previous experience. Your resume should demonstrate how your experience and skills will be useful for a new employer, but not how much time and energy you gave in the past for someone else. Try it, and compare it with your old resume. For example: 'Experienced salesman with long track record of success,' becomes, 'Learned x, y and z about selling and developed broad network of sales contacts sure to be enormously valuable in future sales positions.' How can "rejuvenate" your resume to: Describe your early experiences of the paragraph without dates. Remove the date from the section "Education". Limit the description of work experience in the last 10 CV-15-Tew years. Remove their professional achievements on the first page summary in the section entitled "Career achievement ' Include information about your community and other outside business activities, in order to emphasize their energy and...

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