Territory Construction The width of the flooring sidewalks set depending on the intensity movement of people, but not less than 0,7 m. In the period of engineering training (preparatory period) the construction site free from all the hamper construction of object buildings, trees, buildings, etc., operates the priority of work territory planning to ensure runoff of surface waters, transfer of existing surface and underground network, arrange temporary lighting, mounts temporary or permanent sources and networks ; build driveways and roads; arrange the necessary temporary structures to house and service builders, using primarily existing buildings and collapsible or movable temporary domestic structures, perform a breakdown, etc. These and other works are usually fixed at stroygenplane, who agreed to the inspection of sanitary supervision, inspection State fire supervision. Working drawings of communications related to the development of soil, are coordinated with the department of underground facilities, energy control, services, networks, water supply, sewerage, telephone, etc. Only after completing the preparatory work can begin construction of basic facilities. At the entrance to the building site to include a logo and a shield, which indicate the main characteristics of the construction. Prior to the Construction at the site constructing access roads and intrasite roads provides convenient access and driveways transport vehicles with materials and designs. Usually at a construction site suit Transverse roads with special platforms for unloading vehicles. The minimum width of roadways shall be 3,5 m for traffic in one direction and 6 m moving in two directions. Radius of curvature roads must be at least 10 m,...

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