Indian Fashion Western fashion industry is literally fell in love with an Indian in traditional clothes. Together with oriental music and passion religious teachings came East to Europe and the Indian fashion. Recent collections of Armani, Fendi, and Miyake were filled with exotic motifs. At the show in Paris, Van Noten Draize - one of the participants in the so-called 'Belgian quartet' wrapped his models in luxurious chiffon shawls, layered dresses, saris and kurtas graceful (Traditional Indian clothes, a little reminiscent of the bolero). The color palette of Western designers like borrowed from the hot desert of Rajasthan - designers do not hesitate to use gold, bright red and green shades. Indian Fashion Designers Indian Sunita Shankar, Vandanam Roy, Ritu Beri, Monisha Dzhaysing, Ravi Bajaj and Krishna Mehta are also not lose time, mastering the western market. Europeans are attracted to the work of Indian fashion designer original design and exclusive embroidery. American companies, one after another sign contracts with Indian designers who are trying to make the national dress rather convenient for Western man. What is Indian fashion is different from the European tradition? The Indians have always believed that with the help of clothes can express your inner self. Therefore, they have clothes for the continuation of its own me. Style of dress, its color and ornament should reflect the nature of the host. Indian sari sari - an extremely flexible clothing. It consists of a simple rectangular piece of material (typically 8 feet in length) that wrap around the female body. Style, color,...

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