Legends The abundance of schools, learning to drive, you can select the right option for you. The high level of presentation, qualified teaching staff, own autodrome and training cars equipped with additional equipment - are the minimum requirements for schools, giving driving lessons. If you refused to show a state license for driving instruction, the best option for you - do not have such a school no cases. Plays an important role and value of education. Refer to several driving schools indicate the full cost of education, which includes the theoretical part, practical training and the provision of a car on the exam, and Find out include whether a specified amount for services not provided by the contract. Is it possible to change your group or to change a driving instructor, ask what cars are available for passage practice. Be sure to ask how many hours of lessons include practice driving, and how many you spend behind the wheel, as in some institutions, taxiing on the simulator refers to the practical driving test. The theoretical part includes familiarization with the rules of traffic, to vehicles, analysis of examination cards and driving tactics. Dating back to the lessons of driving responsibly, you can easily pass the examinations in theory. For the practical part of training should be treated no less seriously. For someone fairly laid 30-32 hours of "rolling back" to feel behind the wheel more or less confident. If you think that this is not enough then for an additional fee for driving instructor will...

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